Stations of the King's Cross, the booklet.

I'm afraid there are no more hard copies of the booklet left, but you can create your own by printing this pdf (2.3mb) and following the instructions below.

How to Create your Stations of The King's Cross Booklet:

1. Print off the PDF document.

2. Stick the blank sides of pages 1 and 2 together. Repeat with pages 3 and 4, and 5 and 6.

3. Cut these double-sided pages in half to create 6 A5-size sheets. Discard the blank one.

4. Fold the remaining sheets in half vertically to create the individual pages, and nestle inside each other to create a booklet. The order of the pages should be clear from the numbered stations.

5. Staple the booklet together at the centre.

If you prefer you can print the odd-numbered pages on the back of the even-numbered pages to avoid the gluing part, and to create a slimmer booklet.

Download Printable Copy

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